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We are a Strategic Ally of the agricultural and food industry, assisting them in the implementation of an Integrated Quality System (IQS) to produce foods that are hygienic, safe of the highest quality. We provide the agro-industry with serological monitoring services and result interpretation for the implementation of preventative health programs, greatly minimizing the economic losses that come as a result of field infections.


AgroBioTek has a team of experts in microbiology and food technology, as well as personnel with a wide range of experience in serological and molecular diagnosis of infectious agents that affect the poultry, swine, bovine and shrimp industries. Our team of experts is at your disposal to collaborate in the design of a preventive control plan, in its implementation, in obtaining and interpreting reliable results and in a quick and effective solution of problems.


We are a strategic ally of your business collaborating in the training and education of your personnel. We are firm believers that success in a competitive world relies mainly on having on board properly motivated, trained and educated personnel. Due to our strategic alliances with renowned international institutions that have a long personnel training experience, we are able to offer international seminars, open courses and in-house courses; the latter are designed to meet the particular needs of our clients and are given by AgroBioTek personnel, employing an interactive platform using videos and informative pamphlets.


We are authorized distributors of world leading manufacturers of laboratory equipment, materials and reagents; as well as rapid tests for detecting microorganisms, mycotoxins, residues, allergens and MGOs. For the poultry, porcine and bovine industries, we distribute serological diagnostics kits, equipment and reagents. Additionally, we distribute a whole range of molecular biology equipment and reagents. For pet veterinary clinics, we offer general equipment and equipment for clinical diagnosis, as well as rapid tests for detection of pathogens.